Coaching is a proven method for leaders to achieve uncommon results in the shortest possible time frame. You’ll never get “should on”. Everything we’ll go after will be what you really want to do. As trained coaches we will listen to you, ask powerful questions, and draw out of you the solutions, resources, and steps needed for you to achieve your uncommon goals.

Psychometric Talent Assessment

Self awareness around gifts, voids and behavioral style is critical to charting a path to becoming a great leader. Awareness of other team member’s wiring and behavioral style is critical to developing high performance teams. As a Value Added Associate with TTI, we are trained and certified to administer best-in-class psychometric assessments.

Human Centered Design

Engagement is a leading indicator of high performance teams. Like no other system, HCD drives that vital engagement. HCD has become the central process through which leading product design companies the world over solve problems, innovate and design those super-engaging products. We’ve customized methods of HCD for any industry.

Identity-Driven Branding

When it’s time to take action on your plan we can provide marketing support, brand building and digital strategy. VERB, an award-winning Identity Driven Branding firm, is a Strategic Alliance Partner. Rootstock and VERB have developed a cohesive process to take your core strategic objectives and translate them into communication that reflects your true identity.