Behind The Rootstock Brand

The Name

When a tree has proven to be exceptional in fruitfulness and perseverance the farmer will make this tree the rootstock. The rootstock then becomes the primary source for which all offshoots will be grafted, thus proliferating those same exceptional qualities. We believe every leader and organization has a “rootstock” - an incredibly fruitful and persevering quality - that must proliferate via future generations.

The Logo

The Rootstock logo features concentric rings made up of 380 small, finger-print shaped ovals that form the larger mark. The radiating rings reflect the proliferation and impact of a leader’s realized vision. The structure of this mark at a glance appears systematic, but the parts are all singular. The ovals that form the rings are each unique, recognizing the distinctive value of individuals who bring the vision to life. For whatever process is brought to build the legacy of a leader’s vision, the implementation and the beneficiaries are one in the same: human. The inspiration for this mark is found most profoundly in the idea of legacy captured in tree rings. Coming from a single small seed, the rings embody a testimony to seasons of growth that bring forth fruit and blessing far beyond itself, and even far beyond its own life. The 380 ovals remind us of the tallest living tree, which, measured in 2011, stood at 380ft tall, and serves as an excellent icon of the striking potential we find in a seed of a leader’s vision.