Our Purpose

To see Leaders and Organizations thrive in High Impact Moments.

Intentionality and Genuine Leadership is required to thrive in the midst of change. Our company is built around providing a framework to be intentional and equipping leaders to be genuine in ability and authenticity.

Our Vision

Have a transformational impact on 2,500 leaders by 2025.

Our goal is not 100 million social media subscribers or $10 billion dollars in product sales. We want face-to-face relationships with actual humans. We believe this is what it really takes to make an impact and see transformation.


Our Values

Grit and Growth.

We believe leaders are called to courageously face every day with gritty resilience and a commitment toward growth.

Our Brand

Why are we called Rootstock and what’s up with that logo? Learn about our brand and identity.

The Rootstock Experience

Deliver Value Quickly

We will make an impact in your key problem or opportunity areas from the moment we engage.

Do Real Work

We are all about rolling up our sleeves with you and going after real problems to get uncommon results .

Keep it Simple

We will reduce complexity to focus on the vital things that will make the biggest impact for you.

Pursue Relationship

At the risk of sounding cheesy - we genuinely want to get to know you. By the nature of what we do, we need to know you well to serve you well.

Our Leadership


Tony Woodall


Like many companies, Rootstock was born out of passion and necessity. During his twenty years of delivering substantial bottom-line results in sales, marketing and brand strategy - Tony “kind of stunk” (his words) as a leader. He “wasn’t the worst leader of all time” (his words again) but after falling short yet again to get his teams to gel, he took a break from leading and went back to '“just selling”. Over time a nagging feeling that he had to get back to leading got the better of him. Humbled by his shortcomings, he sought to learn. Early in the journey he became utterly obsessed with all things leaders and team. He became thoroughly convinced that a key is the ability to navigate change with genuine leadership. He’s now dedicating his life and career to helping leader and organizations thive in high impact moments.

Tony’s Special Skills and Certifications:

  • Routinely delivers that “AHA!” moment

  • Distills the complex into vital simplicity

  • Sees the best in people and gets them to believe in what he sees

  • Transformational Public Speaker (inspires you to change, not just feel good about being inspired)

  • Certified Leadership Coach with Discovery Coaching Services

  • VAA with TTI Success Insights

  • Trained practitioner in Human Centered Design through LUMA Institute


Karman Morey

Leadership Coach | Public Speaker

Karman has over 17 years of experience in executive and life coaching, and holds the ACC credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, and is trained in NLP-based coaching.  Since the early 2000’s, Karman has developed a record of success in helping leaders of all kinds achieve their best in life and work.

Karman is also an international conference speaker. She has traveled to some of the most remote and neglected places to equip tens of thousands with a powerful message of life change. Her specific focus is to empower women struggling in an often oppressive culture to believe in their value, create a strong foundation, and take next steps to pursue their own unique vision.


Laura Birkey

Director of Services

Laura brings a unique mix of passion and skills to ensure consistency and continuous improvement across all Rootstock service offerings. While overseeing all service delivery she is also Rootstock’s in-house resource for Psychometric Assessment knowledge. Her assessment expertise includes Behaviors, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Core Leader Competencies. She is also skilled in leveraging individual talent assessment for team development application. Prior to joining Rootstock Laura provided individual growth and development plans in the social services space for the most vulnerable of clients. These experiences have shaped her into a compassionate, discerning and results-driven professional.

Laura is a health and wellness advocate and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She also volunteers extensively with specific focus on the inner healing and development of women.


Kristine Sims

Leadership Coach | Training Facilitator | Corporate Strategist

Kristine is a leader coach, leader skills instructor and corporate client manager for Rootstock. She coaches emerging and seasoned leaders, is a key instructor for the year-long LEAD 365 program and leads team corporate strategy sessions via Rootstock’s proprietary Human Centered Design methodology. Kristine is an excellent communicator, a results-focused leader coach and a sharp strategist. In addition to serving at Rootstock, she is the co-owner of Verb DB, a comprehensive Identity creation firm that serves small, medium and Fortune 10 companies. She is also leading other entrepreneurial ventures. 

Kristine’s volunteer work includes conducting growth and leadership seminars and mentoring leaders with various non-for-profits.