What is LEAD 365?

A year-long leader development course focused on the three areas we believe are essential to great leadership: Being a leader worth following, Providing clarity around Purpose, Vision and Values and Building Great Teams

Where did it come from ?

LEAD 365 was developed by Leading by DESIGN, a best-in-class leader development firm based in West Michigan. Hundreds of leaders have taken this course and the results has been at the “life changing” level. Rootstock has gained exclusive rights to bring LEAD 365 to Chicagoland.


Why is it different?

Traction with Vital Skills
Leadership Development can be a “trendy” industry prone to hock the latest and greatest theories, the new best-seller or the hottest seminar.  We focus on the vital skills that, when diligently applied, will be the difference that makes the difference in your everyday leadership.

Lead by Your Design
Lead 365 sticks because we illicit your engagement from within. Through coaching, best-in-class personality assessment and proven immersive methods, we draw out your core attributes to help you pursue leadership based on your unique design.

Going Together
LEAD 365 is purpose-built to keep you engaged and accountable on your journey. Your cohort, triads and personal coach will be with you every step of the way as you process and apply your learning.

Staying on Track
The journey is not over when you complete the year. There is continuing resourcing via weekly blogs written by LEAD 365 coaches and teachers. The blogs review the content covered throughout the year. Alumni meet-ups also happen regularly.  For those interested, stand-alone coaching is also available beyond the program year.

Values-Based Focus
We believe it’s good and right to possess the character that will make you a leader worth following. This is a theme we weave all throughout the LEAD 365 journey.

The Format

  • One Year Program

  • One Day-Long Session Per Month

  • One Overnight Retreat

  • One Coaching Session Per Month
    (2 hours)

  • Individual Learning
    (book study and small assignments)