All workshops can be stand-alone speaking or interactive workshops.

The topics below are purposely “generic” to serve as core themes for wide audiences. We work with you to hone in the content for your specific needs.

“Meet Your G.O.D”
facing and overcoming the “Gap of Despair” between Awesome Individual Contributor and Great Organizational Leader

“Hidden Hypocrisy in the Values-Driven Organization - Part 1”
making certain values are actually lived out in the day-to-day culture

“Hidden Hypocrisy in the Values-Driven Organization - Part 2”
establishing the essential values-driven culture baseline of openness and accountability

“Fight Club”
turning tension into a culture builder by learning how to engage in (and referee) healthy conflict

“Stirred, Not Shaken”
the essentials of embracing and effectively implementing change

“What’s Your Rootstock?”
living and working from your true core to be wildly fruitful and persevere through any hardship

“I Am what I Am”
exploring the helpful and limiting aspects of Temperament, Behavior and Strength assessments (when they do and don’t matter)

“This is Personal”
defining how the Authentic brand experience looks in the sales, marketing and customer facing

“Catch the Whale”
using Leading Indicator Account Metrics (LIAM) to effectively navigate a long sales cycles and land huge deals